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Dec 10 | Posted by: Benton Blount | Tags: America's Got Talent, Country Music, Tour

  Hey guys, This is basically a test blog, but first of many! I have all kinds of thoughts, news, shows, and music so why not talk about them here! Want my opinion on a topic? Follow me on Twitter (@bentonblount) and let me know what it is!


  2015 was an amazing year for me! I made it on to a national TV show, Heidi Klum growled sensually at me, Howard Stern didn't say anything bad about me, and Howie Mandel said I was a national treasure! Most importantly, I found out we are having another child and I got to take my son to his first WWE RAW (ringside)!!!!


  After making it to the finals of America's Got Talent, I am so excited about what the future holds. Shows are already filling up for 2016, and I also have new music available and working on a new EP as we speak! The show allowed me to show people that I could have fun singing any genre of music but this is going to show people exactly who I am! My name might be new to people, but I am no spring chicken, I know how reality shows and the music industry work. After 6 months or less of the conclusion of AGT, people basically forget about you and are already on another "team". I am completely ok with that because that's where YOU come in! Make sure to share my blog, tour dates, music, and anything else BB related with new people every day! If you do that with same passion that you voted for me on the show, I will be playing music for many years to come!


I can't thank all of my fans enough for the amazing support you gave me this year! I hope that I can return the favor with shows in your town and music in your players!:) Have a blessed Christmas season and I will Blog you again soon,


Dear Benton, First, sorry for my bad english..
Last Night i'd find in YouTube your performd “jolene“ . I am flashed. Do you record the full Song? It's amazing with your voice!! I am looking forward to your Songs to download.
Good bless you and your Family.
Best wishes from Germany / Cologne

All the people you met countrycruising are hoping you are invited back for the next country cruise in 2017--We all had an amazing time getting to know you and your music were an AWESOME addition to the party.....looking forward to doing that again......


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