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   I've been blessed to have a support system that has encouraged me to push on when the industry turns its back on me. Sadly, some artists aren't so lucky! The following is not for's for my brothers and sister in music that need YOU to break this ridiculous cycle we are in! 

   These artists desperately want to share with you the struggles they deal with, tell you about all the "behind the scenes" so you will understand why they are depressed, and explain to you why radio won't play their song even if THOUSANDS of people call and request it. The problem is that our current system is a bully model. Artists know that if they are truthful with you, their chances of ever doing what they truly love are even less likely. Label owned publicists and bloggers will call them jaded and jealous, painting the artist as the one with the issue.

   Don't get me wrong, there are artist who are just lazy and want a record deal delivered to them on a silver platter because they feel entitled. Those people deserve exactly what their attitudes reflect. This is about the real working man/woman musician!

  Before you turn a deaf ear to the next musician you hear complaining about his or her struggle in this business, remember that they are sacrificing everything for what they love. They are giving up security of a job because their souls want to make music for YOU! 

  And finally, stop letting the music "experts" tell you what's good! Go out and search for good new music. They play the same 15 songs everyday because they think you are sheep, and will eventually just except that these songs are the best there is to offer. Chris Stapleton is a perfect example of a seasoned singer/songwriter that should have been HUGE long before now. Had it not been for that performance on the awards show, your local station would still be referring to him as the guy that sang background vocals on a Luke Bryan song and I guarantee you they wouldn't be playing his current single! 
Thank God Almighty for change! There is hope for real musicians to succeed in today's sick and twisted business model but it starts with YOU!

  Executives love to think it's their intellect and music brilliance that makes an artist success but let's look at a few key things:

- YOU are why we make music

- YOU buy our music

- YOU listen to us on the radio

- YOU come to our shows

- YOU are why we drive all over the country for very little money to play a show

- YOU are why we leave our families at home, missing out on key parts of their lives


   I can't insert "label executive" in to any of those sentences so how are they the reason I'm a success? Stop letting them take the credit for something that you are responsible for and take back the power that they know you have!
Just remember in 2016 that there are musicians out there who are giving up EVERYTHING for you and all they want is for you to support them if you believe in what they do! If you have a hard time finding a musician that's not on the radio to listen to.....just ask me.....I have a LONG list!;)

#MerryChristmas  BB


You have an anointing for worship on your life. Take a chance if you have not already. Lead worship. Go for it. it will be an incredible ride.

Very well said bro... Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the struggling. artists out there and Thank You for all you do

Very well said bro... Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the struggling. artists out there and Thank You for all you do

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